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101 East – Adrenaline Nation

Adrenaline-NationIt would curl the furry toes of any hobbit and send Bilbo Baggins scurrying into Middle Earth in fright. The blood-curdling, expletive-laden screams reverberating throughout the stunning New Zealand countryside have become incessant.
They are bellowing from the petrified insides of thousands of young adventure tourists like Scott Ashcroft. Scott may be terrified of heights but when his friends decided they were going to celebrate his 25th birthday by doing New Zealand’s highest bungee jump what could he do? He jumped too. And when the bungee band bounced itself out, Scott realised he might have a shot at making his 26th birthday.
“Everybody walks away feeling really good about themselves and ready to take on other challenges. Life is a big, big challenge and if you take on some of these challenges the reward is huge,” says AJ Hackett, a New Zealand bungee trailblazer.


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