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The Forbidden City

forbidden city

Journey into the Forbidden City of China with this magnificent documentary from Smithsonian Networks. Known as the Imperial Palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Forbidden City in Beijing is the largest palace complex in the world. Explore the history and the magnificent structures of this fascinating place — also called the Palace Museum . . . → Read More: The Forbidden City

The Birth of Israel


Documentary examining the the events leading up to the Israeli war of Independence in 1949, its continuing impact on Arab/Israeli relations and the implications for the Middle East peace process.

Sixty years ago Israel established itself in the wake of the British Mandate of Palestine.

For the Palestinians, expelled from their homes in the process, . . . → Read More: The Birth of Israel

Bedlam: The History of Bethlem Hospital

The Bethlem Royal Hospital in London became infamous in the 1600′s in regards to the inhumane and cruel treatment of its patients as revealed by psychiatric historians.

Bedlam: The History of Bethlem Hospital reveals why Bedlam came to stand for the very idea of madness itself.

It was satirized for centuries as both a human . . . → Read More: Bedlam: The History of Bethlem Hospital