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Evolution and Irreducible Complexity

evolution-irreducible-complexityAnother excellent series by QualiaSoup (the author of Atheism and Critical Thinking and Secular Morality).

He discusses the following questions: What is evolution (and what is it not)? What is a theory in science? Genetic inheritance. Artificial selection and natural selection. Mutation. Epigenetic variation. Genetic drift and the impact of variations.

Evolution is not ‘pure accident’. No ‘one size fits all’. Correcting the one-armed bandit analogy. Dramatic change one step at a time. Dogs don’t produce cats and individual apes don’t morph into humans. Why there are ‘still’ apes?

The rise and demise of the crocoduck. Recognizing reality is not a supremacist policy. Misrepresentation of evolution. Evolution as fact and theory. Why understanding evolution is important? Scientific inheritance that benefits us all.

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