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Tomahawk Cruise Missile Development and History

Documentary Following the Development and History of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

The Tomahawk allows for a long stand of range allowing it’s users to hit targets with unprecedented precision from hundreds of miles away.

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Top 10 Fighter Aircraft

The following is the result of a study concerning the best military fighter designs of all time. Fighters were chosen based on production numbers, combat performance and a general assessment of their effect during their particular period in aviation history. As such, the list contains mainly fighter aircraft of World War 2 with only . . . → Read More: Top 10 Fighter Aircraft

Ancient Aliens – The Power of Three

Reverence for the number three dates back thousands of years, and can still be found today in art, architecture, science, literature, and religion. What is it about this number that continues to fascinate mankind? Could this recurring motif contain a profound message? The ancient Egyptians believed the design of the three pyramids of Giza came . . . → Read More: Ancient Aliens – The Power of Three

Earth Under Water

Follow Scientists Around the world on the hunt for evidence that points to sea level rise. Through cutting-edge CGI, National Geographic explores the potential effects of sea level rise on our civilization over the next few centuries. Earth Under Water explains the science behind the prediction of sea level rise and shows what will happen . . . → Read More: Earth Under Water

Cuba 2012 Documentary

“In this hour-long documentary for the BBC’s award-winning This World strand, Simon gets under the skin of a colourful and vibrant country famous for its hospitality and humour and asks if this new economic openness could lead to political liberalisation in a totalitarian country with a poor human rights record. Will Cuba be able to . . . → Read More: Cuba 2012 Documentary

Inside the Saudi Kingdom: Extraordinary People

IranLionel Mill’s film has unique access to Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen, one of the rulers of the rich, powerful and secretive Saudi royal family. This is a fascinating insight into the conflicts between tradition and modernity in one of the world’s most conservative and autocratic countries.  


. . . → Read More: Inside the Saudi Kingdom: Extraordinary People

Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America

“Fast Food, Fat Profits” gives a quick overview of what’s wrong with the US food industry, and how its inherent design virtually guarantees a sick, overweight population.

From food deserts and cheap fast food to soda that’s marketed directly to children and a revolving door between food agencies and the government, the system is very . . . → Read More: Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America

Fast Food Baby

In the documentary Fast Food Baby, you can follow three families on a quest to change the way their children eat.

Each case is unique – a young single mom who doesn’t want to cook, a healthy-eating couple who gives in to their toddler’s junk-food demands, and a family of five resorting to carry-out over . . . → Read More: Fast Food Baby

Asteroids – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Famed for their ability to inflict Armageddon from outer space, asteroids are now revealing the secrets of how they are responsible for both life and death on our planet. Armed with an array of powerful telescopes, scientists are finding up to 3000 new asteroids every night. And some are heading our way.

But astronomers have . . . → Read More: Asteroids – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Saturns Moon Titan – A Place Like Home

Over a billion kilometres away, Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, holds tantalising clues to how life began here on Earth. In the most ambitious and expensive interplanetary space mission of all time, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft made a seven-year trek across the Solar System to attempt first contact with the Earth-like moon of Titan by landing a . . . → Read More: Saturns Moon Titan – A Place Like Home