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Time Travel: Journeys into Time

Time Travel – Journeys into Time is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the subject of time travel. Imagine, traveling in time. Some process that would let you go backward in time to witness the events that changed history or into the future to see if mankind survives, then to return to the present with the knowledge of what will happen tomorrow. The process is intriguing, even mind boggling, but the science is more real than imagined.

Explore the possibilities of time travel in this unique documentary. The video is hosted by Dr. David Lewis Anderson, the reclusive scientist credited with discovering time-warped field technology.

Experience man’s struggle through the ages to define, measure and understand the basic concepts and constructs of time. Study how spacetime physics is deeply linked to our planet’s religions, art and philosophies.

The documentary will take viewers on a fascinating journey through the history of science fiction and then to the great advances made by scientists that demonstrate today how time travel is clearly possible within the laws of our mathematics and physics.

Learn about wormholes, parallel universes, alternate realities and what science knows about spactime today. Explore emerging applications of time-control technology and how it may change our way of life forever.

This video will educate, challenge and inspire viewers to rethink time, space and our place in it and challenge our view of reality itself.

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